Grey's Anatomy did best

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Grey's Anatomy did best

Post  aliza on Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:22 pm

Given a different cast and better writers, grey’s anatomy fifth season of Grey's might have been good fodder for a comedy.
The first few seasons of Grey's Anatomy featured interesting characters and surprising medical dilemmas. Remember the Season 2 episode where the man and woman got skewered together by a pipe like a shish-ka-bob, and only one of them could survive the operation? Or how about the guy who got a bomb stuck in his rib cage? This is the kind of ridiculous crap Grey's Anatomy did best. Sure, it's the ultimate hospital drama cliche - present an extraordinary medical circumstance, and somehow tie it to the featured character's story such that they learn an important but trite life lesson - but when went for broke, it was usually a cheap thrill.Instead of that, Season 5 puts its focus on the stretched-out sex lives of its characters, wrapping tired relationship plotlines around a main conceit so telegraphed that by the fifth episode, the finale might as well have already been written.
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